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Preserved Olive

商品類別 Taiwan
商品介紹 Selected local olives from Tongluo, Miaoli, naturally grown without pesticides. The skin may have some spots, which is their natural appearance. They are processed using traditional natural techniques that fully preserve the flavors and nutrients. Olives are rich in fiber, can help digestion and promote appetite! Olives also help relieve the greasiness after a meal. ※ 100% natural fruit, no added preservatives, flavors, artificial sweeteners, or coloring.
修改日期 2015-07-28
NTD 250
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Net Weight200g
ContentsOlive, sugar, salt
Shelf Life1 year
Best BeforeAs shown on the package

Eating this will please your mouth and fill your stomach but most of all warm your heart with gratitude for the bounties of this rich island.

he TTC Shoppe traveled every corner of this island in search each local flavor,
from the mountains to the sea, from farm to table.
Following the wisdom of the elders, the labels use the 24 solar terms of the year.
Natural ingredients are the main characters, with the city as backdrop.
Enabling you to taste local flavors anytime anywhere.

You can collect and taste all the flavors at the TTC Shoppe!
The TTC Shoppe has carefully composed a series of classic teas and snacks from this Treasure Island,
which are Taiwan-made, 100% natural, without any artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners,
That’s the spirit of the TTC Shoppe Series.
With every bite, you can taste the natural sweetness of the Earth
simple and unadorned, plain, sustainable, and beautifully Taiwanese.
Can you leave the store without these classic cakes and memorable sweetmeats?

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