Online Shopping Guides

Date 2014/1/3 18:20:00 | Topic: NEWS

Shopping flow chart

Flow Description

Member Login To proceed with online shopping, please register your membership account first. Detailed descriptions
Browse Item Select the product you desire and place it into the shopping cart Detailed descriptions
Add to Cart
Proceed to Checkout in Cart Once you have selected your products, go to shopping cart for checkout Detailed descriptions
Delivery Options Choice of delivery options Detailed descriptions
Fill Your Details Provide details as prompted Detailed descriptions
Place Your Order Submit order once all details have been correctly verified Detailed descriptions
Fill in The Remittance Data Issue a fund transfer notice once you have wired your payment
Not required for self-collection and courier (cash on delivery)
Detailed descriptions

Account No. of Daxi Tea Factory

Account No. of Daxi Tea Factory Bank Code : 009
Bank Account : 52720100680500

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