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Factory Guide
ARTICLE : Tea factory tour – New factory
Posted by service on 2015/11/2 0:00:00 (25647 reads)

The design concept of this space draws on Japanese tea culture. The exterior references an Indian Darjeeling tea factory from Japanese perspective. As you enter the main door, you will notice an architectural style, which fuses Japanese and Taiwanese traditions. Located near Cihu Lake in the Daxi Mountains of Taiwan, the Daxi Old Tea Factory is a tea factory built from bricks within a wooden frame structure. The venue, which includes a tea production area, restaurant, store, library, multimedia room, combines concepts of natural farming with a sightseeing production plant into one integrated facility.

In this historic building, which combines old and new, developing the concept for the new spaces was an exercise in making hard choices. For instance, the roots of the trees and vines covering the walls were damaging the waterproof feature of the structure, but their charming beauty also nourishes the soul, whose slow invasion brought life to the space.
Tea restores the soul. With each sip, an amber joy permeates the body.

In this day and age, the atmosphere of tea time has changed. The cups and utensils are no longer as elegant as before, and no orchids or guqin zither surround us in a realm of oriental tranquility. Instead, our environments are made from hard and durable materials; tea utensils are mass-produced and sold in hardware stores in small towns and Ikea in the big city. It is easy to understand why the feeling of tea brewing and tea making resonates with urban residents and rural dwellers alike. The matrix set-up of the huge factory space plays with the paradoxes of these extremes, creating in the process a simultaneously unusual and quotidian space of tea culture.