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Factory Guide
ARTICLE : 大溪老茶廠 水與茶
Posted by service on 2015/4/2 15:10:00 (14279 reads)

Pond of Stillness_A secluded garden to while away the time,follow your thoughts

By the side of this clear pond, fragrant companion have been planted, such as bulky sunflowers from a Van Gogh painting, lilies from nostalgic Monet garden. And the entire scene of sky, mountains and blossom is reflected in the quiet pool. Close your eyes and follow your breath, imagine yourself on a gently rocking boat, drifting toward the center of the pond.

Pu’er Tea Wall – Intriguing as old wine

559 wheels of Shaiqing Mao tea, the mother of Pu’er teas from the mysterious land of Yunnan are stacked up against the wall in testimony of the unique cultural heritage of the manual fermentation process of the classic tea factories of Kunming. With this traditional technique, the tea’s original bitterness is gradually turned into a deep and sweet taste. You won’t tire soon of these rich, round flavors.

Pu'er Tea Wall - Black and white Zen minimalism

Classic black and white, straight horizontal lines, a wall of 737 tea bricks—this understated venue will certainly please tea connoisseurs with a penchant for modern design. The black brings calm and reserve, while the white adds elegance and openness. The pleasant scent of the wooden floor interestingly mingles with the timeless tea aromas served here. As a black-and-white crossroads, where the ancient and the modern intersect, this old restyled residence achieves a natural balance of simplicity. The texture of the tea brick wall, the Zen spirit, and the charming old tea factory combine into a truly unique atmosphere.