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Factory Guide
ARTICLE : Tea & Book Caf’e Area
Posted by service on 2015/4/1 15:00:00 (14896 reads)

Drying zone – Roaming the world through books
Every trip has a special significance, a healing quality, and so does reading. Tea, books, craftwork inhabit this quiet beautiful and open space. Allow the tea to warm the bottom of your heart, enjoy the peace quiet as your read or scribble. Only one rule applies here: leisure does not need justification.

Tea Book Cabin – Peace and beauty, life and tea
The sunrays seems tipsy, and the music fleeting, in this bright yet quiet place. Slow down your step here; inhale the smell of books, the scent of a hundred teas. Capture the clouds in your cup, pour out the seasons into your bowl, and tease out the full richness of the tealeaves and life.

Scribbling books – Give free rein to your creativity
Close your eyes and set your imagination free! Don’t be shy. Pick up a brush and paint your joy and sorrow, playful and uninhibited as a child. Just do it. Sketch away!